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Snowflake frosted sponge cake

Preparation and Cooking Time:


You will need:

For Sponge

Lamb Brand Sponge Mix 800g

Water 160ml

Eggs 6


For Decoration

Lamb Brand Topping Mix 200g

Lamb Brand Almonds Blanched 100g

Lamb Brand Coconut 200g

Milk 400ml served cold

All you have to do:

-          Sift sponge mix twice.

-          Beat Eggs and add water.

-          Add mixture to sponge mix and stir for 12 minutes in mixer, on medium to high.

-          Line a cake tin with melted butter.

-          Add mix and bake at 180° for 40 minutes.

-          Add the milk to the topping mix and whisk until light, fluffy and double the size.

-          Let it settle in the fridge.

-          Slice cake in 3 parts, add the topping in between the layers and place them on top of each other.

-          Add sponge mix on top and scatter coconut flakes and blanched almonds for decoration.