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How to shop online

Click on the respective brands to start shopping. The different products are listed under sub-categories by the different ingredients. Example – All the different flour types by Lamb Brand can be found in the flour section. 

Click on your preferred product for a detailed description including price, nutritional information, weight and code. You can otherwise search for a specific product by typing in the product name and click search

To shop the chosen product, key in the quantity of packets required in the white box next to the orange arrow that says Add to shopping.

Click on the orange arrow that says Add to shopping to add the quantity of product required to the shopping bag.

As you browse from product to product, the ones you order will remain in the shopping cart, until you proceed to the check out.

Once you order all the products you need to click on View on shopping bag.

At this stage you need to login to proceed, if you are a new user, you will be automatically diverted to a page that will ask you to create a new account with an email address and a password of your choice. (See Create a new account

Once you create an account, key in the chosen email address and password to log in. 

From the log in page, you will be diverted immediately to the shopping cart, showing the shopping list of the products you chose, the quantity, the unit price and the sub-total. 

To place your order, fill in the contact form and click on Place your order. You may otherwise wish to continue shopping by clicking on the Continue shopping option to add more products.

Once you finalise your order, you will receive an email of the completed order. The email will also be advised that a Nature line Ltd representative will contact you within 24 hours that the order is placed.



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