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Semi Freddo

Semi Freddo is one of the most popular desserts; however it is not so commonly cooked at home. This recipe gives you the opportunity to do this at home; even though it involves a little bit of work, it is not difficult at all and is ideal for that special occasion.

Makes 25cm round dish | Serves 12
Preparation and Cooking: Approx 90 minutes


For the Sponge:

Lamb Brand Sponge Mix 400g

Eggs 3

Water 80ml

For the Ice Cream*:

Lamb Brand Chocolate

Ice Cream Mix 100g

Lamb Brand Vanilla

Ice Cream Mix 100g

Water 500ml, cold

For Decoration:

Lamb Brand Candied Peel 75g

Lamb Brand Chocolate Sprinkles for decoration

Life Roasted Crushed Hazelnuts 75g

Icam Chocolate 75g, grated

Milk 200ml

For the Topping Mix:

Lamb Brand Topping Mix 100g

Water 200ml, cold

*Use your favourite flavour, you can also use Lamb Brand Low Calorie Sugar Free Ice

Cream Mix.

Cook the sponge according to packet instructions; once sponge is done set aside to cool and prepare the ice cream according to packet instructions. Slice the sponge in small slices and place along the bottom of a dish, soak in milk. Mix half the candied peel, half the grated chocolate and half the granella with the Vanilla Ice Cream and pour over the sponge slices. Cover with some more slices of the sponge and soak with some more milk. Mix the rest of the candied peel, grated chocolate and granella with the Chocolate Ice Cream, leave a little to decorate the top. Spread the ice cream over the sponge. For the last time, cover the top with slices of sponge, and soak with the remaining milk. Freeze until solid, to decorate easily.

Prepare the topping mix according to packet instructions; with a piping bag, decorate the top of the sponge with small florets. Sprinkle over the top the remaining chocolate and granella. Store in the freezer; take out of freezer 15 to 30 minutes before serving, depending on the day’s temperature.