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Lamb Brand has just launched a set of new seeds which are good for our health.  Each Seed has its very own unique health benefits.


Health Benefits of Flaxseed

- reduces risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases

- aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels

- helps to maintain healthy skin and bones

- nourishes hair

- boosts immune system

- high in fibre & Omega 3 fatty acids

- helps reduce inflammation in body

- good remedy for healthy eyes and kidneys

- beneficial for maintaining healthy reproductive system


Health Benefits of Pumpkin Kernels

- promote better sleep

- rich in vitamins E & K

- loaded with minerals including magnesium, iron and copper

- essential for skin health and wound healing

- rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also help lower cholesterol and strength the immune system.

- most alkaline-forming seed

- zinc makes pumpkin seeds a natural protector agains osteoporosis


Health Benefits of Sunflower Kernels

- rich in Vitamin E to promote healthy skin, hair and nails

- contain an abundance of vitamin B1 (thiamin) for producing energy in the body

- have properties to help manage and reduce inflammation

- contain phytosterols to help lower cholesterol

- are good sources of selenium to help support a healthy immune system

- help to support cell production with folate, especially in the skin

- are rich in magnesium to help promote cardiovascular health


Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

- gives relief from pain and headaches

- beneficial in improving bone health

- protects against type 2 diabetes

- boosts immune system

- improves heart health

- prevents nervous disorders

- helps to improve digestive health


The Lamb Brand Figolla Bake Competition is back with great cash prizes to be won! 

Same as previous years we want you to bake and decorate your figolli and WIN €250 in cash.  

Once the figolli are baked, add 2 Lamb Brand packets, which you used in your recipe and snap a photo. Visit Lamb Brand Facebook Page and submit your photos through the Competition app.

Since we truly believe that Cooking time is Quality time, we invite all ages to be part of all this and bake their figolli.  

We are rewarding Euro 250 in cash to 2 winners.  One winner will be a child up to 12 years old, whilst the other winner will be 13 years and over.  

First runner up from both age groups will win a Euro 50 voucher each from Bow and Ribbon.

The lucky winners will be chosen from the public itself since the photos with the most votes will be the winners, however it is extremely important that the photos uploaded include at least 2 Lamb Brand products, or else contestants will be disqualified.

Winners will be announced on Friday 21st April at noon.

Keep Easter traditions ALIVE in our families and bake the best figolli ever with Lamb Brand!


All participants have 5 easy steps to follow:

1. Like our Lamb Brand Facebook page.

2. Share the Competition Post.

3. Click here and then click Submit Your Photo.

4. Fill in your details, upload your figolla photo with Lamb Brand products and click Submit.

5. Share with your friends to vote for your figolla photo.


All voters have 7 easy steps to follow:

1. Log in into your Facebook account and in our Lamb Brand Facebook Page.

2. Click on Figolla Competition 2017 from Facebook's Side Menu. 

3. Click View Photos.

4. Choose your favourite figolla photo and click VOTE.

5. Tick the box - I'm not a robot.

6. Select the images asked for by Facebook and click Verify.

7. Click VOTE.

Lamb Brand welcomes to its range new Quinoa packaging. They come in luxury designed carton boxes in four different varieties: White Quinoa, Red Quinoa, 3-Colour Quinoa and Bulgur & Quinoa Blend.

Quinoa pronounced as “keen-wah” is a tiny bead shaped seed. It comes in a rainbow of colours and can be prepared like whole grains such as rice or barley. This protein-packed seed contains every amino acid, and is particularly rich in lysine, which promotes healthy tissue growth throughout the body.

Quinoa is also a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamin E, potassium, and fibre. The taste and texture of quinoa is a bit like brown rice crossed with oatmeal. It’s fluffy, creamy, crunchy and somewhat nutty, all rolled into one. Quinoa makes great breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners or desserts. The great thing is, it can be prepared in so many different ways, making it extremely versatile.

Lamb Brand Quinoa comes in three main varieties: white, red and black.

White Quinoa is the commonly used and is more of a tan colour rather than white. White quinoa has the most delicate taste and lightest texture and it cooks up a bit fluffier than other types of quinoa. Because of its fluffy texture and milder flavor, white quinoa works well as a substitute for rice in many dishes.

Red Quinoa has a richer taste, crunchier texture and somewhat nuttier in flavour when compared to white quinoa. It is commonly used for cold salads, as it holds its shape better during cooking.

Black Quinoa has more of an earthy flavour and is also slightly sweeter than white quinoa.

3 – Colour Quinoa is so called since it comes in all three colours: white, red and black. It is also called Rainbow Quinoa or Quinoa Blend.

Bulgur and Quinoa Blend is a hearty and delicious culinary mix, excellent to serve as a side dish, or in soups and salads. Lamb Brand has combined this protein packed seed with durum wheat.

Dear Clients and members of the Public

We would like to draw the attention on a delicate matter that has hit the news and social media today. Reference is being made for the public announcement made by the DOI earlier today on Lamb Brand Sultanas.

Lamb Brand is a renowned brand by C. Cini Mfg. Ltd and thanks for its ISO & HACCP implementation and Certification, it has the ability to trace all products; where they have been sold and in what quantity. Lamb Brand continuously tries to acquire the best field produce from around the world and constantly improves the sourcing system.

The General Public needs to be aware that all the products in question have been collected from all retail outlets, however some products might have already reached the consumer. Should you have in possession the Lamb Brand Sultana in picture with the Expiry date 17/11/2017 you are kindly requested to return it to the place of purchase for an exchange or refund.

Having said and done all this we would like to explain this issue in more detail and calm any consumers that might have already consumed the mentioned product.

- Ochratoxin A is a type of fungus found in raw food, levels of Ochratoxin A can increase over time if food is not stored well. High temperatures and humid conditions make way for this fungi to multiply and level to rise. The Ochratoxin A level can vary within the same batch depending on it’s storage conditions.

- The batch of Lamb Brand Sultana in question has been tested and passed all relevant certification before being imported in Malta and on arrival the local authorities had released it into the local market according to EU standards, but as explained above the Ochratoxin A level has increased by time due to high temperatures and improper storage conditions.

How does Ochratoxin A effect human health?

Ochratoxin A is a potent nephrotoxin and is reported to cause acute and chronic effects in the kidneys of all mammalian species tested. The sensitivity of different species varies, but a level of 200 μg/kg (micrograms/kg) in feed over three months is sufficient to cause acute damage to the kidneys tested on pigs and rats.


So far there are NO documented cases of acute Ochratoxin A toxicity in humans till today.

For more information about Ochratoxin one can access the site below

The Lamb Brand Figolla Bake Competition is back!

Same as previous years we want you to send us your baked and decorated figolli over on Facebook with Lamb Brand products used. All you have to do is click here, enter your details and upload your figolli photos. Share with your friends and ask them to vote for you!

We will be having 30 winners in total, 3 rounds of 10 winners each! The lucky winners will be chosen from the public itself since the photos with the most votes will be the winners.

Winners will be chosen on Monday 21st, Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th March 2016 at noon and announced later on the same day on our Facebook page.


The top participants with the most votes out of the 3 rounds will win:

-A High Afternoon Tea for 2 persons from Palazzo De Piro, Mdina.

- A Gift Hamper from Bow and Ribbon, Naxxar.

- €10 voucher of Lamb Brand products.


While the other 9 participants from all 3 rounds, 27 winners in total will win:

- €10 voucher of Lamb Brand products.

- €10 voucher from Bow & Ribbon, Naxxar.


We are also giving out a Full Body Swedish Massage at the db San Antonio Hotel & Spa for 2 random voters!


Further more, the 30 winners are expected to bring along their figolla on Thursday 31st March 2016 (Public Holiday) to participate in the Figolla Tasting Competition being held at the Malta International Airport Food Court with the chance to win Malta Airport Shopping vouchers.

All participants have 5 easy steps to follow:

1. Like our Lamb Brand Facebook page.

2. Share the Competition Post.

3. Click here and then click Enter 

4. Fill in your details, upload your figolla photo and click Finalize.

5. Share with your friends to vote for your figolla photo.


All voters have 7 easy steps to follow:

1. Log in into your Facebook account and in our Lamb Brand Facebook Page.

2. Find the Figolla Competition Facebook post and click on the link

3. Click Vote For Entries.

4. Choose your favourite figolla photo and click VOTE.

5. Tick the box - I'm not a robot.

6. Select the images asked for by Facebook and click Verify

7. Click VOTE.


Have you ever wondered that Lamb Brand also have Vanilla Powder, Bicarbonate of Soda and Cream of Tartar as part of their range or products?

Lamb Brand Vanilla Powder and Lamb Brand Cream of Tartar are are quite new on the market while we gave a revamp to Lamb Brand Bicarbonate of Soda.

We are giving you a brief overview and some tips, of how these ingredients can be useful in your kitchen!

Vanilla Powder

Beautifully fragrant powder made from the whole vanilla pod. Vanilla powder adds more flavour to your baked goods than the ordinary vanilla extract. It can be sprinkled on fresh fruit or toast, and added to coffee or oatmeal. When cooking or baking, vanilla powder easily mixes with liquids without lumping and adds flavour to breads, cakes, cookies, frostings, and meringues, as well as ice cream and custards.

Vanilla powder offers unique and useful properties that home cooks will appreciate. There is no sugar or alcohol and it dissolves quickly in hot or cold liquids.


Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar is mostly used for baking and has nothing to do with Tartar Sauce (the mayonnaise based sauce that is served alongside fish). Cream of tartar is a white odourless powder which is formed from the sediment left over in barrels after the wine making process.

Cream of tartar is best known for helping stabilize and give more volume to beaten egg whites and whipped cream. A pinch of cream of tartar added while the whites are being whipped will strengthen the matrix of bubbles and help prevent the egg foam from collapsing too quickly. Cream of tartar is also used to inhibit crystallisation in the production of sugar candy. The tartar also helps to increase the volume of the egg foam and keeps them bright and white.

It can also be used to make simple baking powder by using 1 part bicarbonate of soda to 2 parts cream of tartar.


Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda, also know as Baking Soda, is a fine white powder, which is primarily used in baking. It is used to raise soda breads and full-flavoured cakes such as gingerbread, fruit cake, chocolate cake and carrot cake.

Bicarbonate of soda also helps to neutralise the acid in tomato sauces leaving your favourite sauce not only tasty, but easy on the stomach. Bicarbonate of Soda also acts as a gentle cleanser to wash pesticides off your fruit and vegetables. It is a natural deodorising chemical to remove bad odours from the environment, such as refrigerators and other places in you home. Adding extra bicarbonate of soda can result to strong unpleasant flavours and peaked or collapsed cakes.

After the successful Easter Edition of Toghma Bnina, we are now happy to inform that the new Christmas issue is now out.

Issue 9 consists of a four-page newsletter in full colour, loaded with lots of information about new launched products, other products, recipes and a competition.

On the front page you will find Lamb Brand’s new range of Herbs, Spices, Seasonings, Peppers and Salt. We have also included a Spiced Mulled Wine recipe that you can easily try out to keep yourself and guests warm throughout the festive season.

On the second page one may find three recipes that we suggest that you try. They are very tasty and easy to follow. The first recipe is a traditional Mince Pies recipe. What would be Christmas without something sweet like Mince Pies? The second recipe is Sun Dried Tomato Pesto with Tagliatelle, we recommend that you try this, to serve as a starter for this coming festive season. A third recipe that we have included in this edition is the Herbs Roasted Turkey. Including in the cooking method is a step by step guide how you can clean and cook the turkey to perfection. So give it a try and serve this turkey for your Christmas lunch.

On the third page, one may find an easy recipe that you can easily try with your kids during their Christmas holidays. Chocolate Orange Cookies, they are extremely delicious so it’s worth to give them a try.

Finally on the last page you will find the new gifts that we have just launched for the Lamb Brand Cook and Exchange Gift Scheme. Make sure that you save your proof of purchase found all Lamb Brand products so that you exchange with these lovely gifts.

We also encourage you to take part in our Sajjar, Ippoza u Irbah Competition. Send us over your selfies or photos of you with your baked goodies or cooked food to be in the chance to win great gifts from Bow and Ribbon, Stellina’s Lifestyle Changes and The Gold Market.

Christmas Day is soon round the corner and we at Lamb Brand will be sharing with you one recipe a day on our Facebook Page.  We will have a variety of recipes from entrees to starters and main courses. mouthwatering desserts and healthy recipes will also be available through this 60 day campaign. 

In these coming days we will be posting ideas that you will find useful to entertain the guests being it a lunch, dinner or a get-together throughout this festive season.  So we invite you to stay tuned to our Facebook Page and we hope that you will like and share with your family and friends.

Remember that Home Cooking Makes a Better Christmas! 

Lamb Brand is happy to launch the new designed bottles for the Herbs, Spices, Seasoning and Peppers. All these are vital ingredients in many dishes and add flavour, aroma, colour, texture and even nutrients. Herbs, Spices, Seasoning and Peppers were used long ago and are common in most foods around the world today.

Each section is kept colour coded so one can easily identify the difference between the four. Green for Herbs, orange for Spices, purple for Seasonings and black for Peppers.

Lamb Brand Herbs come from the leafy and green part of the plant. There are numerous different herbs, each one having its own unique aroma and taste. Herbs can be found in many places around the world and are probably the best gifts of nature.

Lamb Brand Spices are parts of the plants other than the leafy bit, they are obtained from seeds, fruits, roots, barks, bulbs or stems. Spices are not necessarily as fresh as some herbs can be, but they are usually stronger smelling and quite often stronger tasting.

Lamb Brand Seasonings are a blend of natural herbs and spices that give your favourite dish a twist. These special selected mixes will surely improve the flavour of your food.

Lamb Brand Peppers, pepper is one of the world’s most popular spices, since a pinch is added to almost every type of recipe imaginable. Pepper comes from the pepper plant, a smooth woody vine that grows in hot and humid tropical climates. They begin to bear small white clustered flowers that develop into peppercorns after 3 or 4 years.

Click on the below titles to explore the whole range Lamb Brand has to offer.

It’s Easter time and Lamb Brand is happy to announce two competitions for our clients and Facebook followers that we would like you to take part in!

Click here to find out more!

Also be on the look out for our newsletter which you should receive in your letterbox. We have just launched the 8th issue of “toghma BNINA”, a whole new facelift was given to this newsletter which is now bigger and better! 

Lamb Brand is happy to announce the launch of their new range of Rice which is available in 5 different varieties: Long Grain, Basmati, Parboiled, Arborio and Wholegrain. Each 500g packet comes packed in a carton box, designed exclusively for Lamb Brand.

Long Grain Rice and Parboiled Rice are also available in family packs of 1kg bags. Each type of rice has a different shape, characteristic, and flavour. Long grain rice is about four or five times as long as it is wide and makes a perfect accompaniment to any dish. Long grain rice is long and slender. The grains stay separate and fluffy after cooking, so this is the best choice if you want to serve rice as a side dish, or as a bed for sauces. With its perfect whiteness and fluffiness the Lamb Brand Long Grain Rice is ideal for both Asian and Mediterranean meals being it entrées, salads, sides or desserts.

The name Basmati means ‘Fragrant’ due to the highly scented aroma released during cooking. The light and fluffy grains of basmati rice are much longer, having a subtle flavour and naturally white colour. Lamb Brand Basmati Rice perfectly complements spicy Asian dishes, but also adds flavour to many other cuisines.

Parboiled rice has been partially boiled in the husk. Thanks to this special process apart that reduces cooking time, it stores nutrients, including thiamine and makes white parboiled rice up to 80% nutritionally similar to wholegrain rice. Lamb Brand Parboiled Rice is an all-purpose type of rice, which is good enough for your everyday cooking. High in nutritional values, firm and non-sticky, parboiled rice is ideal for salads and baking.

Short, fat and slightly oval-shaped, Arborio rice has a pearly white exterior which surely makes a tasty and lovely creamy risotto thanks to its starchy characteristic. It gives personality to all recipes, even the most simple. Use Lamb Brand Arborio Rice for sushi, puddings or as a substitute for Spanish Paella.

Wholegrain rice also known as brown rice is naturally a good source of fibre and low in saturated fat and salt, supporting a well-balanced diet. Lamb Brand Wholegrain Rice is suitable for any type of recipe. Prepare a cold rice salad or use it as a side to a tasty creamy meat or vegetarian curry.

Summer is round the corner, but we can already feel the nice warm scent of it! 

Lamb Brand has launched two new products on the market – Lamb Brand Polenta and Lamb Brand Medium Bulgur Wheat.  One may find plenty of recipes which are easy to follow on our website and can simply be prepared for the hot summer period.


What is Bulgur Wheat?

Bulgur is a quick-cooking form of whole wheat that has been cleaned, parboiled and dried into ground particles and later sifted into distinct sizes. Bulgur is rich in fibre, B-vitamins, iron, phosphorus and manganese.  No chemicals or additives are used when processing bulgur wheat, making it a natural whole grain food.

Lamb Brand Bulgur Wheat is a versatile wheat product with a pleasant nutty flavour. Use it in pilafs, soups, salads, baked goods, stuffing or casseroles. In recipes, it is similar to rice or couscous but with a higher nutritional value. 

Bulgur is a good substitute for meat and it is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Use it as a side dish or for your main meal.


What is polenta?

Polenta is made from ground cornmeal (maize), a dish that originated in northern Italy. Lamb Brand Polenta is an instant version of the original recipe, this means that it has been partially cooked before grinding so that it only takes you 5 minutes to cook. Polenta has a smooth and creamy texture and can be consumed either plain or enriched with a varied selection of ingredients. Add a simple knob of butter, grated cheese, porcini mushrooms, beans or meat. Polenta can be served as cooked, grilled or fried after it has set.

Used in both savoury and sweet recipes polenta can be added to all types of food and served either hot or cold. Use Polenta as a main ingredient in pies or as a substitute for potatoes, have it grilled with some cheese as a snack or as a side during breakfast, lunch or dinner!


We encourage you to use these products and be part of our Lamb Brand Facebook competition!  All you have to do is private message us with a photo of your homemade dish using polenta or bulgur wheat together with the recipe to win great gifts!  

So hurry up start cooking today and WIN!

Once again Easter is getting close and once again we food lovers start thinking all about those scrumptious recipes we enjoy cooking or baking, not to mention that divine moment we indulge in our work of art. Let's face it; it's not just us that enjoy this particular season, just like in Christmas even the people around us will be looking forward to see what they'll soon be dipping their fingers in.

At Lamb Brand we never stop cooking and preparing recipes, so if you have a look at our website or facebook page you will surely be inspired to cook something. As an Easter treat this year we are making your life a bit easier; we have come up with a sample Easter Menu, so if you don't have any clue of what to start with or the time to browse around, just grab the menu from your mail box and your 3 course lunch will be ready in less than 3 hours - Yes we have already, or if not it will be soon, delivered a copy directly to every local household together with the Bargain Magazine. If you still didn't receive your copy you can easily download it from the following link. If on the other hand you are the more adventurous type and have plenty of time, we have also suggested some other great recipes which, along with many more cooking ideas, can be found on our website.


It's Easter right ? and we cannot leave out the traditional Kwarezimal and Figolli which we all die for, recipes of these delicacies can also be found on both the sample menu or on the website.


We all enjoy cooking and baking, but who enjoys washing the dishes later ? To help you forget about all those dishes we are giving you the chance to spoil yourself in a luxurious weekend break at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Floriana, are you up for it? It's so easy, simply send us 3 empty Lamb Brand packets, together with the filled in token (found on the sample menu). The first 2 correct answers drawn up on Easter Monday, 1st of April 2013,  no this is not an April fool joke, will win one of 2 weekend breaks for two. If you are a facebook user, we couldn't make it simpler, Like our page, fill in the details in the Promos tab and ask all your friends to participate to get in the chance to win as well.


Should you like to share your recipes or comments please feel free to do so on our Facebook Page


Also we would like to remind you to keep all your Lamb Brand empty packets, so that you can exchange them for great gifts, click here for more info.

We would like to inform you that we have added new gifts to our existing Cook & Exchange Gift Scheme. Have a look and keep on saving your proof of purchase found on all Lamb Brand products to exchange with these useful and handy gifts!

For 500 proof of purchase we are giving out a set of 18pc porcelain set from La Mediterranea collection. Each set includes 6 lunch plates, 6 soup bowls and 6 side plates. There are different designs to choose from.

With 275 proof of purchase you get a Quttin 13pc Knife set with a wooden block.

For 250 proof of purchase you get 6 wine glasses, 3 bowls, 6 small appetizer bowls. Its great to serve small appetizers and dips when in good company.

A 7-piece glass bowls set can be yours for just 160 proof of purchase. This set consists of a large salad serving bowl and 6 smaller bowls.

Start grilling like a pro with just 150 proof of purchase! This 7-piece BBQ Apron and Utensil set is ideal for outdoor cooking. Featuring a variety of BBQ tools, this handsome set comes complete with its very own custom apron so cooking tools are always within reach. This set includes a spatula, fork, tongs, oven mitten, salt and pepper shakers. The apron comes with adjustable locking fastener and built-in storage pockets. All tools come in stainless steel with extra long solid wood handles.

For 140 proof of purchase you can get a Bow and Ribbon voucher worth Euro 10. Bow and Ribbon is situated in Naxxar and one may find a whole world of gifts, home decorations, souvenirs, party items and more.

You can exchange 130 proof of purchase for a set of 2 round glass tart dishes. One having a diameter of 32cm and another of 26cm.

For 120 proof of purchase you can get this cool 4 piece BBQ carry case ideal for the Summer months and also during the Winter Days. This black BBQ Tote bag comes with a set of 3 stainless steel utensil set: a spatula, a fork, a pair of tongs and an oven mitten. This BBQ carry case is ideal to carry around and measures 39 x 21 x 4 cm.

With 100 proof of purchase you can get a nice colourful 5 piece stainless steel knife set. This set includes a bread knife, two chef’s knives, utility knife and paring knife. This lovely set will add a splash of colour to your kitchens.

For only 100 proof of purchase you can also get a 6 piece colourful appetizer/ice-cream bowl set.

For every 75 proof of purchase you will be given a Lamb Brand voucher worth Euro 5 in Lamb Brand products.

Exchange 70 proof of purchase for these lovely set of 5 glass bowls, which come with plastic lids.

For 60 proof of purchase we are offering this colourful Trio Bowl set with wooden tray. These bowls are ideal to serve any dips, crackers or snacks. You can also choose this plastic lunch bowl, which comes with a fork and a container for dressing.

For 50 proof of purchase you get a Special Edition Tin Box containing 50 recipes and with 10 proof of purchase you can get a pack of 4 recipes to be added to your recipe box. May we remind you that in total we have 74 recipes for you to collect! 50 found in the recipe box and another six packs with four recipes each to add to your collection.

For 40 proof of purchase you will get a 100% fleecy blanket, ideal to snuggle up on the sofa to keep cosy and warm or simply keep it handy for picnics or any other outdoor activities. We have two colours to choose from red and blue.

For 35 proof of purchase you can choose this useful measuring set including measuring jug and cups.

We encourage you to keep on collecting the proof of purchase found on all Lamb Brand products to exchange with great gifts!

The proof of purchase can be redeemed at our office situated in 30, New Street Qormi and we are open from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 1.30pm. Otherwise you can enclose your proof of purchase in an envelope, with your name, mobile number and the gift required written on, hand it over to your local store and we will deliver the gift one to two weeks after.

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