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No Cook Nut Bar

These nut bars are not only easy to make, but they are the ideal source of protein for all those of you that are always on the move. A healthy alternative to the chocolate bar snack for your kids.

Serves 30
Preparation and Cooking time: Approx 15 minutes

Lamb Brand Hazelnuts 100g, toasted

Lamb Brand Blanched Almonds 100g, toasted

Lamb Brand Blanched Peanuts 50g, toasted

Lamb Brand Pine Nuts 50g, toasted

Lamb Brand Golden Raisins 100g

Lamb Brand Oat Flakes 50g

Lamb Brand Sesame Seeds 50g

Life Pumpkin Seeds Heart 50g

Rice Krispies Cereal 45g

Peanut Butter 340g

Honey 236ml

Icam Melting Dark Chocolate (optional)

In a mixing bowl place all nuts, seeds, oats and raisins, roasted and roughly chopped. In a medium sized pan, melt the peanut butter and honey on a low heat. Pour the honey and peanut butter mixture over the dry ingredients and mix well to coat.

Press the mixture onto a baking sheet sized 11” x 13” / 28 x 33cm, lined with parchment paper. Cover with parchment and place a heavy item on top to weigh it down. Ideally you should put a heavy pan or small bricks on another baking sheet to distribute weight evenly. After some minutes chill in the refrigerator for not less than 2 hours or overnight. Cut and serve into 2” / 5cm square portions. Alternatively these bars can be stored in the freezer in an airtight container for up to a month.

If you prefer that chocolate flavour, melt some chocolate in bain-marie and cover one side of the nut bar and leave to set before serving.