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Three Bean Salad

Preparation and Cooking Time: 35 minutes
Serves:  4


You will need:

Lamb Brand Cannellini Beans 300g

Lamb Brand Green Mung Beans 200g

Lamb Brand Red Kidney Beans 200g

Lamb Brand Walnuts halves 50g

Lamb Brand Cashew Nuts 50g, roasted

Lamb Brand Sultanas 40g

Lamb Brand Fine Table Salt to taste

Lamb Brand Ground Black Pepper to taste

Feta Cheese 225g, crumbled

Cherry Tomatoes 175g

Beetroot 115g

Radishes 85g

Fresh Baby Spinach 70g

Fresh Lettuce 60g

Fresh Endive 50g

Red Onion 1


For dressing:

Lamb Brand Fine Table Salt to taste

Lamb Brand Ground Black Pepper to taste

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 tbsp

Fresh Lemon Juice 2 tbsp

Fresh Coriander 1 tbsp, chopped

Dijon Mustard 1 tsp


All you have to do:

Soak the beans separately for a minimum of 5 hours or overnight, changing the water from time to time, if possible. Rinse, add to small saucepan, cover the beans with water and bring to the boil. Simmer the beans gently till cooked. When the beans are ready drain them and let cool.

Arrange the baby spinach, lettuce and endive in a salad bowl and put aside. Thinly slice the onion, cut in halves and put into a separate bowl. Thinly slice the radishes, cut the tomatoes in half, dice the beetroot and add to bowl with onion. Finally add the beans, mix well and season with salt and pepper.

Put all the dressing ingredients into a screw-top jar and shake until blended. Pour over the bean mixture and toss lightly. Then spoon on top of the salad leaves.

Finally scatter the sultanas, walnuts, cashew nuts and feta cheese on top and serve.