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Prosciutto & Goat`s Cheese Potato Cakes with Almonds

These potato cakes are full of so much goodness and they are absolutely delicious!

You will need:


For the potato cakes

Lamb Brand Potato Mash 500g, cooked as per packet instructions

Goats Cheese 100g, crumbled

Prosciutto slices 4, chopped

Garlic Cloves 3, finely chopped

Spring Onions 2, chopped

Parmesan cheese 2 tbsp, grated

Egg 1, beaten

Olive Oil 1 tbsp 

Fresh seasoning


You will also need

Lamb Brand Original Breadcrumbs 200g

Lamb Brand Flaked Almonds 50g

Lamb Brand Table Salt to taste

Lamb Brand Ground Black Pepper to taste

Eggs 2, beaten

Fresh seasoning

Olive oil for frying

All you have to do:

1. Start this recipe by frying together the spring onion and garlic in a tablespoon of oil for just 2 minutes.

2. Remove off the heat and place into a bowl with the remaining potato cake ingredients. 

3. Mix together well and form into small cakes. 

4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm up. 

5. Meanwhile, mix together the dried breadcrumbs and flaked almonds and season well with salt and pepper. 

6. Dip the chilled potato cakes into the beaten egg, and then into the breadcrumb mixture, coating all over. 

7. Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan and shallow fry the potato cakes on both sides for 2 minutes until golden brown. 

8. Serve on a bed of dressed mixed salad leaves.