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Tuscan Tuna & Bean Salad

Preparation & Cooking Time:


You will need:

Lamb Brand Cannellini Beans 100 grams

Lamb Brand Red Kidney Beans 100 grams

Red Onion 1 large

Smooth French Mustard 2 tablespoons

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 300 ml

White Wine Vinegar 60 ml

Fresh Parsley 2 tablespoon, chopped

Fresh Chives 2 tablespoon, chopped

Fresh Tarragon 2 tablespoon, chopped

Tuna Flakes in Oil 225 grams, drained

Lamb Brand Fine Salt for seasoning

Lamb Brand Ground Black Pepper for seasoning


All you have to do:

•     Cook the beans separately until boil, drain them from water.

•     Chop the onion finely with a sharp knife. Put in a bowl and add  the cooked beans.

•     Make the dressing by whisking together in a separate bowl the mustard, oil, vinegar, parsley, chives and tarragon.

•     Add the dressing to the bean and onion mixture and mix all.

•     Gently add the tuna and season according to your taste.

•     You can serve this mixture over a Focaccia, Baguettes or as a Salad on its own.