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Split Pea & Vegetable Soup - LBS58

This easy to make split pea veggie soup recipe with flavourful bacon makes it ideal for winter days.


You will need:

Lamb Brand Green split peas, 225g (washed)

Lamb Brand Salt, to taste

Lamb Brand ground black pepper, to taste

Butter, 75g

Streaky bacon, 110g (chopped small)

Onion, 1 (peeled & chopped)

Celery, 2 sticks (chopped)

Carrot, 1 (scraped & chopped)

Small turnip, ½ (peeled &chopped)

Swede, ½ (peeled & chopped)

Vegetable Stock, 3 Pints

All you have to do is:

1.First, in a large cooking pot, melt the butter, then cook the bacon and onion in it for 5 minutes.

2.Add the rest of the vegetables – give them a good stir round in the butter and let them colour a little at the edges over a fairly low heat. 

3.Pour in the vegetable stock and add the washed split peas.

4.Bring everything back up to simmering point, skim the surface if there’s any scum, then put a lid on and continue to simmer very gently for about 1 ½  hours, or until the peas are absolutely soft. 

5.Liquidise the soup just a little – but it shouldn’t be too uniformly smooth. 

6.Taste, season, re-heat and serve the soup garnished with some croutons crisp fried in bacon fat.