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Rice and Lentils Salad

Preparation & Cooking Time: 100minutes
Serves:  4-6


Looking for some new recipes with rice? This rice and lentil recipe is the one for you. Healthy and tasteful this recipe is ideal to have both as a meal or as a side dish for a barbecue or a picnic. It’s equally delicious warm or cold.

You will need:

For salad

Lamb Brand Long Grain Rice 200g

Lamb Brand Brown Rice 200g

Lamb Brand Green Lentils 130g

Lamb Brand Currants 75g

Lamb Brand Cashew Nuts 75g, unsalted & roasted

Lamb Brand Almonds Flakes 40g, toasted

Lamb Brand Ground Black Pepper to taste

Lamb Brand Table Salt to taste

Broccoli 300g, cut into small florets

Cauliflower 300g, cut into small florets

Snow peas (mangetout) 300g, halved 

Pineapple 1 small, chopped

For dressing

Lamb Brand Coconut 100g

Lamb Brand Castor Sugar 2 tsp

Lamb Brand Ground Cumin ½ tsp

Lamb Brand Turmeric ½ tsp

Water 180ml

Vegetable oil 2 tbsp

Fresh Lemon juice 2 tbsp

All you have to do is:

For dressing

Boil 160ml of water, add the coconut and leave for a couple of minutes to infuse.

Heat oil in pan, add cumin and turmeric, stir until fragrant and remove from heat.

Combine spice mixture and the coconut liquid obtained from the infusion, lemon juice, sugar and the remaining (20ml) water in a bowl and mix well.

For salad

Cook rice separately as per packet instructions. Boil broccoli, cauliflower and snow peas separately until just tender, drain, rinse under cold water and drain again. Under running water rinse the lentils, add to small saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes, until tender.  Drain well.

Combine rice, lentils, vegetables and remaining ingredients in bowl, add coconut dressing and mix well before serving. Season with salt and pepper to taste.