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Stir-Fried Pork with Cashews

For a satisfying dinner, serve this pork stir-fry loaded with tender pork and crisp veggies with some rice or noodles.

All you need:

Lamb Brand Cashew Nuts 3 tbsp

Lamb Brand Sesame Seeds 2 tbsp

Pork Fillet 300g

Hoisin Sauce 100ml

Onion ½

Red pepper ½

Green pepper ½

Sesame Oil, for frying


All you have to do:

1. Cut the onions and peppers in cubes and fry in sesame oil, once browned remove the vegetables leaving the oil in the pan. 

2. Reheat well the same pan and now toss the shredded pork. 

3. Once the pork is nearly cooked through, add again the vegetables and pour in the hoisin sauce. 

4. Toss well and add the cashews and serve.