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Spaghetti Pizza

Preparation and Cooking Time:


You will need:

Spaghetti 300g


Eggs 3-4

Parmesan 40g grated

Sun Dried Tomatoes 50g chopped

Dijon Mustard 2tbsp

Olives 2tbsp

Parsley 2tbsp

Salt and Pepper to taste

Basil Fresh


All you have to do:

•     Boil pasta according to packet instructions; once ready place in cold water to stop from overcooking

•     Drain and let sit

•     In another bowl mix all the other ingredients, except for the basil

•     Toss pasta in the wet mixture

•     Heat an 11’’ pan and add about 2tbsp olive oil

•     Place fresh basil flat on the bottom of the pan. Drop pasta mixture and fry until crisp.

•     Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for about 10-15 minutes.

•     Slice it in quarters, top with some parmesan cheese to your liking and serve as pizza.