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Quinoa Veggie Patties

These lovely quinoa patties are the perfect size for little fingers and ideal as a snack to eat over your work desk when you want to munch that little something. Make them a little smaller and serve them during a party accompanied with a lovely cheesy sauce!

Makes 13 - Approx 6cm diameter

You will need:

Lamb Brand Red Quinoa 100g

Lamb Brand Wholemeal Flour 2 tbsp

Lamb Brand Table Salt ½ tsp

Lamb Brand Ground Black Pepper to taste

Carrots 140g, shredded

Parmesan Cheese 50g, grated

Mozzarella Cheese 50g, grated

Green Onion Stalks 2, sliced

Garlic Cloves 2, minced

Eggs 2, well beaten

Parsley handful chopped

Oil or Cooking Spray for greasing

All you have to do:

1. Preheat the oven to 180oC. 

2. Cook the quinoa by bringing 240ml of water to a boil, pour in the red quinoa, and cook for about 12 minutes or until fluffy.

3. Grease a mini-muffin tin with oil or cooking spray and set aside. 

4. Mix the quinoa, carrots, green onion, garlic, parsley and cheeses together until well blended. Stir in the beaten eggs, mixing well.

5. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining dry ingredients with a whisk. 

6. Then stir the dry ingredients into the quinoa mixture and mix well. 

7. Use a tablespoon to scoop the mixture into the prepared muffin tin. 

8. Cover tin with foil and bake for 15-20mintues.