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Fiamma Vesuviana Veggies

Who’s in for these new irresistible Fiamma Vesuviana Veggies in sunflower oil!

Now launched on the market just for you from the heart of Naples - Fiamma Vesuviana Mushrooms, Artichoke Hearts, Pepper Strips and Sundried Tomatoes.

Prepare tasty easy snacks, lunches or dinners with these new products. Add a little veggies to your hearty healthy salads, prepare colourful platters or simply add them to our Lamb Brand products such as Couscous, Bulgur Wheat and Rice for a quick and easy meal, or as a topping to your pizza or perhaps as a side dish to your main meals.

We are sure that you will find these Fiamma Vesuviana veggies handy now that summer is on the way!