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Lamb Brand Seeds

Lamb Brand has just launched a set of new seeds which are good for our health.  Each Seed has its very own unique health benefits.


Health Benefits of Flaxseed

- reduces risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases

- aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels

- helps to maintain healthy skin and bones

- nourishes hair

- boosts immune system

- high in fibre & Omega 3 fatty acids

- helps reduce inflammation in body

- good remedy for healthy eyes and kidneys

- beneficial for maintaining healthy reproductive system


Health Benefits of Pumpkin Kernels

- promote better sleep

- rich in vitamins E & K

- loaded with minerals including magnesium, iron and copper

- essential for skin health and wound healing

- rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also help lower cholesterol and strength the immune system.

- most alkaline-forming seed

- zinc makes pumpkin seeds a natural protector agains osteoporosis


Health Benefits of Sunflower Kernels

- rich in Vitamin E to promote healthy skin, hair and nails

- contain an abundance of vitamin B1 (thiamin) for producing energy in the body

- have properties to help manage and reduce inflammation

- contain phytosterols to help lower cholesterol

- are good sources of selenium to help support a healthy immune system

- help to support cell production with folate, especially in the skin

- are rich in magnesium to help promote cardiovascular health


Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

- gives relief from pain and headaches

- beneficial in improving bone health

- protects against type 2 diabetes

- boosts immune system

- improves heart health

- prevents nervous disorders

- helps to improve digestive health