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Lamb Brand Supports Malta Meet Free Week

Lamb Brand is a proud sponsor of the first edition of the Malta Meat Free Week!

The Lamb Brand range is wide and varied in which some of the main products consists of flour, dried fruits, legumes, nuts, seasonings, herbs & spices, confectionery items, rice and pasta. Other sought after products include breadcrumbs, couscous, potato mash, polenta, bulgur wheat and the ready to use mixes. This is an ever growing range and other additions are always being introduced according to the market needs.

With its range of products, Lamb Brand aims to reaching different people with different eating lifestyles. Being a traditional diet follower, vegetarian, vegan or any other diet follower, we definitely have products which meet your likings.

Having a large range or products ideal for vegetarians and vegans, Lamb Brand is proudly sponsoring the first edition of the Malta Meat Free Week, as organised by Veggy Malta. Although offering different food products for different lifestyles, the brand believes in such campaigns, which promote different lifestyles...after all, Lamb Brand is a brand which supports the common language of passion and cooking!

The below is an article explaining into more detail this initiave and campaign, by Darryl Grima from Veggy Malta.

Malta Meat Free Week organised by Veggy Malta is the first initiative of it’s kind locally. The campaign is targeted at increasing a growing community of vegans, vegetarians and also flexitarians in Malta (individuals who consume less meat).

The Malta Meat Free Week challenge aims to increase the awareness and knowledge of how easy it is to reduce and remove meat products from your life. To eat tasty healthy food. Plus the campaign aims to help and support the companies that operate in the meat-free industry.

There are many reasons why you should decrease the consumption of meat from your diet. This could be for health reasons, environmental reasons, animal suffering, world hunger or even to safeguard for your own health from the abuse of antibiotics by the livestock farming industry. Whatever the reason take a break from all meat (and fish) and help cleanse your body.

Your health

Reducing meat from one’s diet and increasing the consumption of plant based food is good for people’s health. By taking you the challenge individuals can think on how much meat they consume, and realise that there are healthier alternatives to meat. Even the World Health Organisation has labelled red and processed meat as a carcinogen.

The Environment

Livestock farming has a vast environmental impact and contributes to nearly 20% of human greenhouse gas production. 30% of the earth’s land surface is currently being used for livestock farming. Even by switching for one week you will be doing a mark let alone if you decrease your meat consumption.

Animal suffering If you are against animal suffering, it is clear that industrial livestock farming falls short of what you would deem as animal welfare. We close our eyes to the inhuman conditions that these animals live in all their life before they are fed on a plate. Just as the word itself implies – livestock, animals are considered as objects for profit not living sentient beings.

Join the challenge

Take the leap and quit meat for one week! You can do it and we are here to help. We will send you recipes, information about participating shops, what’s on offer during the week, participating restaurants and so much more. So give it a try, Seven days without meat is not difficult. Do it for your health, or for the environment, or for animal rights, or for world hunger or because of the abuse of antibiotics by the meat industry.

visit the challenge website and Facebook page for constant updates.