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CAUTION with Lamb Brand Baking Powder

We would like to announce that we have just noticed a chemical reaction is happening in the new Lamb Brand Baking Powder. This chemical reaction is not harmful and is at all natural.


Since we always invest in producing better quality products to our customers, we have recently started packaging our new tubes with an airtight heat seal, which improves quality, hygiene and freshness to some products.


Unfortunately this airtight heat seal is not letting the reaction between Sodium Pyrophosphate and Sodium Bicarbonate expand, thus when someone opens a new tube of Lamb Brand Baking Powder, the dry powder will immediately burst out of the tube. Please note that this is not harmful and can easily be cleaned.


To prevent this just pierce the airtight seal through the tap holes, using a sharp needle, toothpick or paper clip, wait for the air to be released and then it will be safe to open the tube as usual.


Should you prefer to exchange with a new tube, kindly return to place of purchase.


Whilst we apologise for any inconvenience this accident might have caused, we encourage you to contact us should you need any further clarification.