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New Lamb Brand Products on the Market!

Summer is round the corner, but we can already feel the nice warm scent of it! 

Lamb Brand has launched two new products on the market – Lamb Brand Polenta and Lamb Brand Medium Bulgur Wheat.  One may find plenty of recipes which are easy to follow on our website and can simply be prepared for the hot summer period.


What is Bulgur Wheat?

Bulgur is a quick-cooking form of whole wheat that has been cleaned, parboiled and dried into ground particles and later sifted into distinct sizes. Bulgur is rich in fibre, B-vitamins, iron, phosphorus and manganese.  No chemicals or additives are used when processing bulgur wheat, making it a natural whole grain food.

Lamb Brand Bulgur Wheat is a versatile wheat product with a pleasant nutty flavour. Use it in pilafs, soups, salads, baked goods, stuffing or casseroles. In recipes, it is similar to rice or couscous but with a higher nutritional value. 

Bulgur is a good substitute for meat and it is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Use it as a side dish or for your main meal.


What is polenta?

Polenta is made from ground cornmeal (maize), a dish that originated in northern Italy. Lamb Brand Polenta is an instant version of the original recipe, this means that it has been partially cooked before grinding so that it only takes you 5 minutes to cook. Polenta has a smooth and creamy texture and can be consumed either plain or enriched with a varied selection of ingredients. Add a simple knob of butter, grated cheese, porcini mushrooms, beans or meat. Polenta can be served as cooked, grilled or fried after it has set.

Used in both savoury and sweet recipes polenta can be added to all types of food and served either hot or cold. Use Polenta as a main ingredient in pies or as a substitute for potatoes, have it grilled with some cheese as a snack or as a side during breakfast, lunch or dinner!


We encourage you to use these products and be part of our Lamb Brand Facebook competition!  All you have to do is private message us with a photo of your homemade dish using polenta or bulgur wheat together with the recipe to win great gifts!  

So hurry up start cooking today and WIN!

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Chicken & Bulgur Patties

Polenta Chips with Pecorino & Sage

Polenta Tart with Sausage & Broccoli