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20% Off Lamb Brand (5x100g) Couscous

Couscous is a dish made from tiny granules of durum wheat and most of it is "instant" or quick-cooking.This is closely related to pasta, as durum wheat, ground into semolina flour, is the same type of wheat that is most commonly used for making pasta. It is traditionally served with meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. Couscous is a staple food throughout the North African cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya and the Western Sahara, however is has become very popular in Malta in the last few years.

Couscous makes not only a good accompaniment to stews but it can also be used as a filler in patties, meat roulades, pilafs, etc. Add leftover cooked couscous to salads or use it in muffins or pancake recipes

There are various ways how one can prepare couscous and can be both savoury and sweet depending on the ingredients used.

Lamb Brand is introducing a special offer for the hot summer season on Couscosus. Buy a packet of couscous (5x100g), in boil-in-bags for only €1.73! This offer is available from all local stores and supermarkets around Malta.

The boil-in-bag couscous is so fast easy to prepare! Simply put the bag in boiling water for 1 minute and it is done! Add your favourite ingredients and ready to serve.

So visit one of your favourite stores and benefit from this offer today!

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