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The Lamb Brand Rice Leaflet

Lamb Brand has recently launched a range of five different varieties of rice: Long Grain, Parboiled, Basmati, Arborio and Wholegrain. Each 500g packet comes packed in a carton box, while Long Grain Rice and Parboiled Rice are also available in family packs of 1kg bags.

Each type of rice has a different shape, characteristic, and flavour. This booklet features 5 different recipes with the 5 varieties of rice, which one can enjoy during the cold winters and hot summers.

You can download the attached flyer online to enjoy these easy to follow recipes or you can also collect a free copy from all leading stores and supermarkets.

One may also find this flyer for free in our Lamb Brand Medium Bulgur Wheat, Lamb Brand Polenta, Lamb Brand Breadcrumbs, Lamb Brand Couscous and Lamb Brand Potato Mash packets.

Lamb Brand Rice…… Choose the ideal rice for your perfect recipe!

Nutty Spinach Rice

Chicken Masala Rice

Asparagus & Lemon Chicken

Seafood Risotto

Lamb Stew