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Cook and Exchange Gift Scheme

Lamb Brand has launched its Cook & Exchange Gift Scheme in honour of its 80th Anniversary; all you have to do is collect the proof of purchase found on each lamb brand product, whether its the old packaging or the new ones, and exchange for great gifts.

With 50 Proof of Purchase (or packets) you get a Special Edition Tin Box containing 50 Recipes With 15 Proof of Purchase (or packets) you get a 4 piece stainless steel cutlery set.

With 10 Proof of Purchase (or packets) you get 4 new recipes to add to your special edition tin Box (New recipes each month - the current recipes are

Vegetarian: 11. Vegetable Crostat, 12.  Lasagna with Roasted Vegetables and

Sweets: 20. Pear Fruit Compote, 21. Heart, Hazelnuts, Apricots & Oats Cookies.)


You can exchange proof of purchase or packets with these gifts from C. Cini Mfg. Ltd., 30 New Street, Qormi. Terms and conditions apply. Should you require further assistance kindly contact us on t: 2144 4324 | m: 9945 4324 | e: