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Grilled Tuna & Crab Basil Risotto

Indulge in this delicious tuna and crab risotto recipe, with a hint of pistachios.

You will need:

Lamb Brand Arborio Rice 200g

Lamb Brand Pistachios 2 tbsp, crushed

Fresh Tuna 250g cut in 2 thick fingers 8cm long butter 50g

Tinned Crab Meat 50g

Cloves Garlic 2

Fish Stock 1 1/2 glass

Small Leek 1

White Wine 1/2 glass

Fresh Red Chilli 1/2

Fresh Cream 1/2 cup

Bunch Basil Leaves

Few Baby Rocket Leaves

All you have to do is:

In a saute pan seal the tuna from all sides and remove, add chopped garlic, leeks and chilly on low heat with the butter mixing continuously. Add the rice and keep mixing for another minute and pour in the wine and warm stock, simmer until all liquid is absorbed. Once rice is nearly cooked and all stock is absorbed add the crab meat, chopped basil and cream, mix well season and keep cooking for a few more minutes. Serve the risotto with the tuna steak on the side garnished with rocket leaves and pistachios.

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