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Oats are the seeds of a grass, Avena sativa, which has been cultivated for thousands of years. They are extremely high in fibre, especially when eaten whole, and they contain a number of other useful vitamins and minerals. Oats are a good source of protein, calcium, fibre, and vitamin E, among many other nutritional benefits. They are an excellent dietary supplement. 

One of the traditional uses of oats is in oatmeal, a dish made by cooking oats with water, milk, or another liquid to soften them, and oats are also used in baking and mixed-grain cereals.

Some people like to use oat flakes as a breakfast cereal, heating them and mixing them with an assortment of ingredients. They can also be added to baked goods like scones, muffins, cookies, and bread, creating additional texture and adding to the nutritional value of these foods. 

Some people also mix them in with granola, muesli, and other cold breakfast cereal mixes. Oat flakes can also be added to pancakes. Technically, oat flakes can be eaten straight out of the box, although they may not be very exciting in this form.

When oat flakes are made, whole oats are steamed to soften them and then they are rolled out to flatten them. The flattened oats are then flaked into small pieces of material which will cook very quickly while retaining the nutritional value of whole oats. One of the big disadvantages to whole oats is that they can take a long time to cook; flakes cut down on the cooking time, turning the healthy oat into a convenience food.

Lamb Brand Oat Flakes come in two differnet sizes: Medium Oat Flakes and Jumbo Oat Flakes.


Polenta is made from ground cornmeal (maize), a dish that originated in northern Italy. Lamb Brand Polenta is an instant version of the original recipe, this means that it has been partially cooked before grinding so that it only takes you 5 minutes to cook. Polenta has a smooth and creamy texture and can be consumed either plain or enriched with a varied selection of ingredients. Add a simple knob of butter, grated cheese, porcini mushrooms, beans or meat. Polenta can be served as cooked, grilled or fried after it has set.

Used in both savoury and sweet recipes polenta can be added to all types of food and served either hot or cold. Use Polenta as a main ingredient in pies or as a substitute for potatoes, have it grilled with some cheese as a snack or as a side during breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Due to its main ingredient of cornmeal, polenta can really act as a gluten-free substitute for almost any wheat-based side dish in a meal. 


Though relatively plain in taste, ingredients can be added to it to make it more tasty such as butter, cheese, sauces and meat.  These ingredients may lessen its potential benefits however they turn a simple side into a hearty meal.


Basic Polenta is easy to do.

You will need:


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