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Juice Facts

What is the difference between 100% Fruit Juice, Nectar and Fruit Drink?  


100% Fruit Juices:

100% Juices have no added sugars, they are 100% fruit and contain just natural sugars found in whole fruit.  100% Juices are a smart addition to any diet since they provide a variety of natural healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C, folate and potassium amongst others.

100% fruit juices also contain many naturally occurring phytonutrients, which have disease-preventative and health promoting potential.

HELLO 100% fruit juices are a convenient way for adults and children to help meet the recommended number of daily fruit intake. A half-cup portion of 100% juice is equal to a fruit serving.


Nectar Juices:

Nectars are a type of non-carbonated soft drink.  Nectar Juices are diluted with water, and contain additives besides fruit juice including artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  

A juice that is described as Fruit Nectar must contain at least 25% to 50% juice, depending on the type of fruit. 

HELLO Juices offer a wide selection of Nectars with no added preservatives.


Fruit Drink:

Fruit drinks are sweetened beverages of diluted fruit juice.  Most fruit drinks do not contain very much actual fruit juice and do not provide the vitamins and minerals that your body need.  

Fruit drinks are made mostly of sugar and water.  Although some fruit drinks have vitamin C added, they do not have potassium B vitamins, and other nutrients that juice contains.


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