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HELLO Juices and Nectars have been on the local market since 2010 and are growing fast in popularity.  HELLO Juices are available in 250ml, 1L and 2L packs and one may find a large variety of 100% Juices and Nectars.  They are available in most stores around Malta and Gozo.  

HELLO Juices are an ideal drink for the whole family and a great alternative to soft drinks. 100% Hello Juices have no added sugars, they are 100% fruit and contain just natural sugars found in whole fruit.  100% Juices are a smart addition to any diet since they provide a variety of natural healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C, folate and potassium amongst others. Hello 100% fruit juices are a convenient way for adults and children to help meet the recommended number of daily fruit intake. 

Sold at very reasonable prices HELLO juices come in 250ml, 1L and 2L packs. Take advantage of our promotional offers and get the chance to collect loads of goodies!

We are giving out lovely gifts that all the family will use, being it a day by the beach, a BBQ night with friends or simply at home!  All you have to do is to exchange the Hello Juice carton cap with the following gifts.  Exchange 4 caps for 1 Hello Glass, 20 caps for 6 Hello Glasses and 40 caps for a 15Ltr cooler bag.

Choose with your heart as well as we choose the best fruit. There are no more "king" apples, nor orange containing vitamin B – just the pure fruit having the highest proportion and at reasonable price!


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