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HELLO and Welcome to the gift exchange scheme page. Here at Natureline we enjoy keeping our customers happy!

We often set up gift exchange schemes so that customers may benfit every time they buy our product. Its our way of saying we appreciate your loyality!

For our Summer 2013 Campaign of HELLO Juices we are giving away drinking Glasses for the whole family to enjoy!


All you have to do is collect your HELLO juice cartons, once they are empty air them out and fold them up. You can then redeem your gift at your nearest supermarket or at Nature Line's offices at 30, New Street, Qormi.



                                                        1L and 2L cartons carry the same value when exchanging in return for Glasses.

                                                                          Exchange:  4 Cartons = 1 Glass or

                                                                                         20 Cartons = 6 Glasses!


                                                         For more information on the exchange click our Terms and Conditions Page.

                                                                                          Start Collecting Your Cartons!


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