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Lamb Brand Polenta & Lamb Brand Bulgur Wheat

Here at Lamb Brand we are always on the go and strive hard to introduce new and healthy products on the market.

We have just launched two new products: Lamb Brand Polenta and Lamb Brand Bulgur Wheat just in time for summer which for sure you will find these healthy products handy during the hot season!  Here attached you may find the promotional flyer with easy to follow recipes and information about the two products.

You can download the attached flyer online, or you can collect a free copy from all leading supermarkets.  One may also find this flyer for free in our Lamb Brand Medium Bulgur Wheat, Lamb Brand Polenta, Lamb Brand Breadcrumbs, Lamb Brand Couscous and Lamb Brand Potato Mash packets.

Lamb Brand Bulgur Wheat will surely make great salads for you to enjoy by the beach.  It is very similar to rice or couscous but with a higher nutritional value.  Bulgur wheat is a good substitute for meat and is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. 

Lamb Brand Polenta is a good substitute for potatoes, have it grilled with some cheese as a snack or during a BBQ night out with friends. Polenta makes also a good side dish during breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Try out the Lamb Brand Polenta and Bulgur Wheat and win!

We have just kicked off the following competition on our Lamb Brand Facebook Page.

It is very simple, all you have to do is to private message us on our Facebook page with a photo of your homemade dish using Lamb Brand Polenta or Lamb Brand Bulgur Wheat together with the recipe to win great gifts!  

So hurry up buy these products today and send us your photos of your yummy glorious food!  

Remember that we have lovely gifts to give out so GOOD LUCK!


Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for the prize you must like Lamb Brand Facebook Page.

Prizes must be collected, no deliveries will be done.  

Winners will be notified through a private message on Facebook.

Competition prizes cannot be exchanged for any other merchandise or goods.

We will have 4 draws, one each month: June, July, August and September.  Two winners will be announced each month.

Each winner will be announced on the first day of the month.  If the first day happens to be a weekend, the winner will be announced the following Monday.

The most interesting recipes will win, but likes will always impress our judges, so ask your friends to like your posts.


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