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Couscous for Meat

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Couscous originated in Morocco and is composed of tiny balls of dried semolina dough. A culinary ingredient appropriate for use as a meal on its own or to compliment a main dish. Including couscous in your diet provides several health benefits. 

Couscous is often used as a side to meat recipes. Can be eaten cold, as a pre prepared salad or warm. Create a lovely beef, lamb or pork dish with sauce and poor it over your couscous as an alternative to rice.



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There are plenty of ways to incorporate your meat and couscous. Try a spicy Moroccan style recipe or a cold Mediterranean salad mixed with plenty of fresh vegetables. Add some grilled beef Kebabs on the side or use the couscous in a beef stew perhaps, cook your meat in an Asian style curry sauce and serve it over your cooked couscous.

Get creative with your couscous & meat dishes and try out a whole new range of simple recipes from our site. Click here.

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