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The kick off to your Christmas meal is all important to ensure that your festive gathering starts with a bang so Lamb Brand will set the mood for your Christmas Menu with an impressive sparkling start.

Start your Christmas lunch with a bang with this mouthwatering baked lumaconi.

Serve this soup with some home made croutons.

A favourite Italian dish that will surely be loved by guests.

Simple delicious starter with cherry tomatoes and tuna.

A spicy seafood spaghetti dish, perfect for impressing dinner guests!

Start off your lunch or dinner with an oriental twist! Delicious!

A filling, Mediterranean pasta dish ideal as a starter.

Serve these as a starter with a slice of lemon. Exquisite.

Serve these couscous cakes with a yoghurt and dill dressing.

A crunchy starter with a cheesy topping and creamy chicken mushroom underneath.

Start your celebration with a Spanish touch.

A quick and easy garlic chicken pasta dish.

Impress everyone by serving these simple delicious dumplings as an oriental starter.

Try out these two mouth watering flavoured focaccias.

An unusual starter that will get two thumbs up.

This tasty mushroom risotto will surely wow your guests.

A tasty starter pasta dish incorporating red lentils for some extra nutrients and a pop of flavour and colour.

A tasty and colourful soup you will surely feel proud to serve it.

A yummy soup using carrots & red lentils.

Give a warm start to your guests with this lovely soup.

Welcome your guests with a Peruvian Starter.

Make the best Barley Beef Strongonoff with this easy recipe.

This stew can be served with pasta or topped on toasted bread. Yummy!

Fish soup is much easier and quicker than it appears.

Prepare an easy pasta dish for fish lovers.

A classic traditional flavoured chicken dish with a kick!

This dish makes one beautiful meal as a starter!

A soup recipe packed with nutritious flavour.

A simple dish ideal as a quick starter.

Soups are the perfect warm-up meal.

This soup is perfect to kick off your dinner.
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