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The Che Pasta Pastine shapes are generally used in broth based or light soups and are sometimes referred to as soup pasta. Pastine can also be used to prepare some lovely summer salads and can also be used in baby food to start introducing pasta to your toddler.
Che Pasta Pastine consists of pasta shapes that range in size from small to very tiny. The larger pastine shapes are used in thicker based soups and pasta salads and the tiny and smaller pasta shapes are used in light or broth based soups. 
Adding Che Pasta Pastine tiny shapes to a tasty sauce, introduces texture in a gradual way to your toddler. You can also serve the baby pasta with meat, fish or vegetables. Why don't you mix a really delicious creamy cheese sauce with Che Pasta Pastine shells and add some shredded ham or broccoli for extra flavour. 
Explore the whole range of Che Pasta Pastine shapes and get creative when preparing your dishes.
Conchigliette: A tiny version of large pasta shells.  Shells make a great addition to soups or as a base of a hearty salad. Add a touch of fun, try making your favourite Macaroni and Cheese using Shells.
Lingue di Passero: Small pasta shapes resembling rice or grain. This small, grain shaped pasta can be topped with any sauce, added to soups, or baked as a casserole. Perfect as a side dish as well as a main course.  Lingue di Passero makes a perfect summer pasta salad, just add your favourite ingredients.
Stelline: Small star shaped pasta that contains a hole through the centre of the star. Stelline pasta are ideal for broths, salads and baby food.
Alphabet: Alphabet shapes make any meal great fun for kids. Sometimes children can be choosy to eat their veggies! Introducing alphabet pasta with some vegetables or soup can win them over.
Piombino: Tiny spherical pasta shapes are a perfect addition to a number of soup recipes.
Coquillettes: A highly versatile, short-cut curved shape, which can be topped with any sauces, or put in soups and salads for a delightful dish.  
Fili D’Oro: These superfine strands of pasta cook in a flash and absorb sauces quickly. They are best paired with thinner broths and delicate cream sauces.
Ditalini Rigati: Are like little thimbles, small short-cut pasta tubes that are approximately 3/8" long.  This versatile shape can be used as a base to any dish. Bake it, stir it into soups, or create great salads and stir-fry dishes. 
Ditalini Lisci: Inspired in their shape by the sewing accessory, but presented smaller in size and open at the top, Ditalini Lisci thanks to their smooth surface, can be added to any delicacy. They are ideal to be added to soups and vegetable blends, enhancing the flavour of legumes and vegetables.

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