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Lamb Brand

Lamb Brand is one of the leading food brands in Malta. Established in 1931, Lamb Brand offers a wide range of healthy products which are free from any added preservatives and artificial flavours. From humble origins producing ground pepper, the business grew fast and to meet the production demand, machines were installed to split and polish peas and beans. Today, Lamb Brand offers a wide range of products which includes a vast selection of flour, pulses, beans, mixes, legumes, seasoning, herbs and spices to confectionery, dried fruits and nuts.  Lamb Brand strives hard to bring customers the finest ingredients and this is why they choose our brand over others because they believe in high local quality products purchased at affordable prices. Lamb Brand’s clientele consists mostly of loyal Maltese customers but we work hard to go beyond our shores! 

One can prepare any sort of meal with the reassurance that nothing but the very best is going into your recipe. Making delicious wholesome meals, snacks or desserts every time!

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