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When Carmelo Cini set up Lamb Brand in the 1930s, for good luck and to the delight of his children, he took home a newborn lamb. Today more than 80 years have passed and the Lamb Brand by C. Cini Manufacturing Ltd. is one of the leading food brands in Malta and the tiny mascot is a standard classic in every Maltese household.

We are pretty sure that these products are part of our childhood memories as with nostalgia we remember our mum’s and nanna’s kitchens, while preparing the traditional minestra, a nice warm pie and cake or dessert for that special occasion. Products that we still consume ourselves today, for any of these, or simply to prepare our daily meals.

The Lamb Brand is indeed our family secret. Today, after more than 80 years, three generations of entrepreneurship and traditional know-how, the company is still a dynamic family-run business. The lamb logo featured on all products has been around since the ‘30s. Carmelo Cini, a strong believer of Christian values felt that the lamb represented purity and he believed this would symbolize the purity of his products.

In 80 years of trade the symbol has changed several times to keep up with the trend and the company has always invested in new packaging both visually and to improve product freshness. No matter how many graphical changes, the purity of the products and the brand’s simple objectives remain the same; to serve customers well with great products at fair prices. The quality of the products is the Lamb Brand’s pride, as it always aims for better standards and certifications.

The Lamb Brand range of products is wide and varied. The main groups include Flour, Dried Fruits, Legumes, Nuts, Seasoning, Herbs & Spices, Confectionery items, Rice and Pasta. Other sought after products include Breadcrumbs, Couscous, Potato Mash, Polenta, Bulgur Wheat and the ready to use mixes. This is an ever growing range and other additions are always being introduced according to the market needs.

Recently, a cook & exchange gift scheme was launched to thank all our loyal customers. Different gifts are launched from time to time, so make sure that you collect the proof of purchase when cooking with Lamb Brand products to exchange with great gifts. We invite you to visit our Facebook Pages and as to stay tuned with any latest news and updates.

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