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Last weekend the rustic town of Qormi experienced a colourful celebration of Spring like no other.

St George’s Parish Square was packed with entertainment. Two days of exhibitions, food, drinks, cultural activities, live music, games and all round fun for the whole family!

The Festival kicked off on Friday 19th April at 7.00p.m and the programme spread throughout Saturday evening. 

It was definitely a celebration of all things representing typical Maltese culture. Stalls with vegetables, traditional baked goods and tours of historical buildings where all happening in the Qormi area. The festival was rendered even more authentic with the participation of local artists singing the Maltese traditional music; l-Ghana. 

Many Maltese food manufacturers displayed samples of their produce. Lamb brand delighted viewers with a beautiful exhibition of the products they manufacture and package themselves. Everything from flour to legumes, beans and pulses where on display. The Lamb Brand stall was also offering advice and tips on how to use the products in every day recipes. One can also see these recipes on , Lamb Brand’s sister distribution company website.



The Spring Festival (il-festa tar-Rebbiegha) is now fast establishing itself as an annual activity, becoming more popular year after year, attracting a large number of tourists as well as locals.

Last year’s edition in fact mobilised hundreds of patrons who walked the streets of Qormi, enjoying all the Maltese folklore had to offer. Last year’s edition also included the creation of the largest wine glass in the world, a new Guinness world record, having beaten the title that Cyprus had the previous year.


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