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Traditional Figolla

The figolla is a Maltese traditional dessert for the Easter period. Even though they are normally prepared during Lent, these are not eaten before Easter Sunday. It is thought that this tradition dates back to the 16th Century, precisely in the times of the Knights of St. John. The name was derived from the Italian word ‘figura’ that means shape.

Makes 4 
Preparation and Cooking: Approx 60 minutes

You will need:

For Dough:

Lamb Brand Self-raising Flour 800g

Lamb Brand Castor Sugar 300g

Lamb Brand Vanilla Powder 1 tsp

Lamb Brand Table Salt, pinch

Margarine 300g

Eggs 4

Lemon Zest grated


For Filling:

Lamb Brand Pure Ground Almonds or Ground Almonds Substitute 270g

Lamb Brand Castor Sugar 170g

Lamb Brand Icing Sugar 100g

Lamb Brand Vanilla Powder 1tsp

Egg 1

Lemon Zest 1 tsp, grated


For Decoration:

Lamb Brand Icing Sugar 400g

Lamb Brand White Chocolate Chips

Lamb Brand Mixed Sprinkles

ICAM Milk/Dark Chocolate

Rayner's Food Colouring

Chocolate Eggs 4

Egg Whites 2

Lemon Juice ½, freshly squeezed


All you have to do: 

For Dough: Sieve the flour in a bowl and mix the flour, vanilla powder, sugar, salt, margarine and lemon zest together, then add the eggs and mix until a smooth dough is obtained, if need be add some water.

For Filling: Mix all ingredients together until a smooth paste is obtained.

To do the Figolla: Roll the dough on a floured surface with a rolling pin, cut two shapes of the figolla and spread the filling on top of one of the dough leaving a tiny margin. Cover this with the second dough shape and press the edges together.  Cook in a preheated oven 170°C for about 20 minutes.

For Decoration: Beat the egg whites in a bowl and add the lemon juice. Then add the sieved icing sugar to the egg mixture until a smooth icing is obtained. Pour a drop or two of your preferred food colouring and mix until the desired colour is obtained. Spread on the baked figolla and decorate with different coloured icing or bain marie chocolate.  Add mixed sprinkles and chocolate eggs.