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Coconut Curried Chicken Risotto with Crispy Mozzarella Balls

This coconut curry risotto is a simple, creamy dish, with a tropical flare.... try it out and impress your guests! 

You will need:

For the risotto

Lamb Brand Arborio Rice 1 cup

Lamb Brand Mild Curry 2 tbsp

Lamb Brand Sweet Paprika 1 tbsp

Chicken Breast 200g

Chicken Stock 1 cup

Leek 1

Celery Stick 1

Mango Chutney 1 tbsp

White Wine ½ cup

Coconut Milk ½

Apple ½

You will also need:

Lamb Brand Medium Oats 150g

Lamb Brand Plain Flour 2 tbsp

Mozzarella Balls 10

Milk 2 tbsp Egg 1

Rocket Leaves to garnish

All you have to do is:

Flatten the chicken and mix with half the curry and paprika. Using the same pan to be used for the risotto seal well the chicken from both sides and remove from the pan. Dice the leek, celery and apple and sauté in butter with the curry left until vegetables are softened, add the rice and stir continuously for a few minutes than pour in the wine bring to the boil and add the stock. Simmer the rice until completely stock is completely absorbed than add the chutney and milk, stir continuously and remove from heat. Finish the chicken in the oven, once cooked trough slice and a chopping board and add to the risotto.

Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and flour, add the milk and keep whisking to a smooth batter. Dip the mozzarella balls in the batter than into the oaths and deep fry until golden brown. Serve the crispy mozzarella balls on top of the chicken curried risotto.