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Apple & Pear Crumble

Preparation & Cooking Time:

You will need:

For Filling:

Lamb Brand Black Raisins 150 grams

Lamb Brand Blanched Almonds 100 grams

Lamb Brand Brown Sugar 1 tablespoon

Lamb Brand Cinnamon 1 teaspoon

Lamb Brand Nutmeg ½ teaspoon

Apples 4

Pears 4

Fresh Lemon 1 squeezed

For the Crumble:

Lamb Brand All purpose Plain Flour 175 grams

Lamb Brand Blanched Peanuts 50 grams, chopped

Lamb brand Brown Sugar 50 grams

Margarine 75 grams, cut into pieces

Porridge Oats 25 grams

Soya Custard to serve

All you have to do:

•     Lightly grease a 1 litre ovenproof dish.

•     In a bowl, mix together the apples, pears, brown sugar, lemon juice, almonds, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg.

•     Spoon the mixture into the prepared dish.

•     To make the crumble, sieve the flour into a mixing bowl and rub in the margarine with your fingers until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

•     Stir in the chopped peanuts, oats and brown sugar. Mix until combined.

•     Sprinkle the crumble topping evenly over the apple and pear mixture in the dish.

•     Bake in a preheated oven 190° for 30 minutes until topping is golden.

•     Serve with Soya Custard.