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Couscous for Vegetables

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Couscous originated in Morocco and is composed of tiny balls of dried semolina dough. A culinary ingredient appropriate for use in place of rice or quinoa, as a meal on its own or to compliment your main dish. Including couscous in your diet provides several health benefits. 

Couscous is quick to prepare. Just add some water and simply give some time for it to be absorbed.

Couscous is tasty alone however mixing it with vegetables increases its healthy properties and makes it more of a filling, hearty meal! 



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There are plenty of ways to have couscous and vegetables,

Prepare a couscous and vegetable mix stuffing with a few spices to make the mixture truly pop. Use this veggie and couscous mixture to fill up your green, red or yellow peppers. Put the stuffed peppers into the oven for around 20 minutes. This makes for a healthy, quick, original and tasty vegetarian meal. 

Use vegetable couscous as part of a vegetarian couscous salad to take to work, on a picnic or for a day at the beach! 

For a nice warm dinner why not try a baked vegetable couscous with a mixture of pumpkin and spinach.

Ready in just 30 Minutes with minimal effort! There are plenty of ways to be creative with couscous and veggies!

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