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Strawberry Coconut Balls

Being the strawberry season, we have given a twist to the traditional coconut balls. Try out this delicious recipe and enjoy a wonderful taste using local products.

All you need is:

- Lamb Brand Shredded Coconut

- Lamb Brand Pure Ground Almonds

- Lamb Brand Icing Sugar

- Coconut Oil / Cream

- White Sugar

- Fresh Local Strawberries

All you have to do is:

- Place a pan on the burner and melt 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil

- Add 4 spoonfuls of sugar

- Smash 4 strawberries using a fork (leave some small chunks - do not crush too much), and add to the mixture and stir to produce

- In a separate bowl mix dessicated coconut and pure almond mix in a ratio of 4:1

- Chop some strawberries into cubes

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